Spring 2018 Rehearsal Information

Singers Information for Spring 2018

Please download the Spring Rehearsal plan from here:

For practising – a few links:

Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep (Chris Hutchings) https://soundcloud.com/hutchingsmusic/do-not-stand-at-my-grave-and-weep

The Armed Man Choralia http://www.choralia.net/jk01mp3/

Also choral parts are available from  https://johnfletchermusic.org/  but as the music is in copyright, you need to register and  pay a subscription of £10 for the year.

Please note that Peter Tims will be taking 3 rehearsals this term, on 22nd and 29th Jan and 26th Feb. The learning of choruses 6-12 has been allocated to Peter (11 is soloist only).

On 19th March note that we will be rehearsing in the **The King’s Church** [please note change of venue] (Abbey Row, Malmesbury). as the Abbey is being used for the Easter Labyrinth.

Extra Rehearsal for Do Not Stand at My Grave & Weep
Please find details in an email sent to the choir.  Rehearsal parts to be found below (click on your voice part and it will take you to a screen containing an MP3 and begin playing the piano part automatically – all being well!):


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